Carson Wentz saved by some garden shears after being locked in gas station bathroom


As Carson Wentz has told us in the past, he's tough. So a dingy bathroom at a gas station in New Jersey stood no chance against him.

Well, except for the door. The door gave Wentz some trouble. And he needed a little help from one of the attendants and a pair of garden shears.

I'm not sure you ever want to be in a situation that involves a gas station bathroom in New Jersey, let alone a gas station bathroom in New Jersey AND a pair of garden shears. That just sounds like a bad time to me.

Sadly, the above tweet is all we know of the story as Wentz did not follow it up with any more information. Perhaps a couple of Giants fans saw him head into the restroom and thought it a good time to welcome him to the Garden State?

If you check back further on his timeline, he was doing some mini golf, so perhaps he was returning from a trip to the Jersey Shore. We may have to wait until training camp to find out.

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