Connor Barwin's MTWB benefit show raised over $200,000 for Philly playground


The following is a guest post by Kyle Krajewski

How can a guy from Detroit be so Philly?

Short of bringing Fletcher Cox up on stage with him, Connor Barwin’s 3rd annual Make The World Better benefit concert otherwise went just about as well as anyone would have expected.

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Hop Along #mtwb2016cred: @SSMPhotog

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Throughout the night, when he wasn’t being followed by cameras, he was seen at just about any point mingling on the ground floor (the second floor being reserved for other players and VIPs) of Union Transfer with his fans, his dad, and with his teammate Jason Kelce. Right up until he had to once again address the sold out venue before the headliner took the stage.

“I will be very brief because Hop Along is up next,” he said. “But I just wanted to quickly let you guys know that tonight we have raised over $200,000 for a new playground. And because of this show--this is our third year doing the show--and in the last three years we have raised over $600,000 and leveraged that for over $4,000,000 for neighborhood parks in Philadelphia."

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Waxahatchee #mtwb2016cred: @SSMPhotog

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“So-you guys still have an opportunity to buy a Steve Powers poster, you can still buy a beer, you can still buy a t-shirt, so I encourage you to do that.  As I said before--we have an entirely Philadelphia lineup tonight.  I was talking backstage with Katie from Waxahatchee and she actually said that she played Frances’ 18th birthday party back in the day.  That is how small the world is.

“So with that being said, we’re gonna turn it up a little bit, let’s have some fun, let’s f***in-- uh, oh sorry.”

The crowd erupted into laughs and cheers before he could brush off the slip.

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Amos lee #mtwb2016cred: @SSMPhotog

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“Hey--let’s turn it up, let’s party a little bit this last hour. We have Hop Along from Philadelphia coming up next. Thank you all for being here. Thank you.”

On that note he was back to his natural habitat of watching the show, hanging with his dad, his buddies, his girl and the public, and basically just being a cool Philly dude.

Only Connor Barwin can bring the sports fans, the hipsters, and the civically engaged together for one cool melting pot of a party. 

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