Eagles fan who went viral over Jalen Hurts pick knows about throwing things


Philadelphia Eagles fans... they're totally normal. Totally.

You may have seen a video on social media over the weekend of a Birds fan going ballistic when Howie Roseman selected Jalen Hurts with the 53rd pick in the draft.

It's the kind of stuff social media was made for, honestly.

Marc Farzetta caught up with that fan, Jeff Nadu of South Philly, to discuss the visceral reaction. His postgame analysis of the video did not disappoint.

"I throw a lot of things. I actually had the cops called on me two different times for throwing things. I gotta stop doing it because the people below me, I think they think something's really going wrong. They overreact, I get the knock on the door. I gotta stop."

Farzy and Nadu try to talk through the pick but inevitably end up back where we all started.

"Taking a quarterback that high is ridiculous, especially if you don't need a quarterback."

Hopefully Mr. Nadu leaves the throwing of things up to Carson Wentz and Jalen Hurts from now on.

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