Eagles fans erupt after Michael Bennett gets flagged for hitting Kirk Cousins


These are the kinds of moments that aren’t helping the NFL and its TV ratings.

Michael Bennett gets blocked into Kirk Cousins' thighs, doing everything he possibly can to avoid his knees and seriously injure the quarterback and he is flagged for a 15-yard penalty, awarding an automatic first down.

With the way Dan Bailey has been kicking Sunday, this is either a seven- or- four-point swing and it could end up meaning the game.

The fans in Philly are not happy about it either.

They’re not thrilled online, either.

According to veteran NFL referee Terry McAulay, it shouldn’t have been called.


I’m all for player safety, but a play like that, which is important enough to sway the outcome of the game, the season, has to be made properly. If that means allowing a coach to challenge these types of penalties, I would support that.

Ever since the NFL enacted more strict rules in relation to hitting quarterbacks, the problem is not just down to this play, this moment, it’s a league-wide issue that has to be resolved or else people will begin to lose interest.

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