Eagles Mailbag: Looking closer at Dallas Goedert's role


It’s been a little while. Sorry for neglecting you all, but it was a little crazy with the season opener and the banner last week.

But the Eagles won! They took down the Falcons and will try to do something the 2017 Eagles couldn’t do: start 2-0.

But before they play Sunday in Tampa Bay, let’s get to your questions. Part 2 on Saturday. Part 1 today:

I’ll be honest. I was surprised Dallas Goedert played just 17 snaps in Week 1. It wasn’t a great performance, but that toss to him in the end zone showed me a lot. No, he wasn’t able to stay in bounds, but he showed off his ability in the red zone and Nick Foles showed he wasn’t afraid to throw it to a rookie in a big spot. I’ve said it all along and it’s still true: the red zone is where Goedert might be able to make an immediate impact this season. He’s a big guy, huge catch radius and has great body control. Not to mention, once Alshon Jeffery is back, there are going to be a ton of guys who demand attention.

I think we’re going to see Goedert take on more and more as the season goes on. He’s obviously not going to take snaps from Zach Ertz, but the Eagles are going to use their two-tight end set even when their receivers are healthy again. Despite a disappointing first game, I still expect a nice season from the rookie.

I was asked one question specifically about Jordan Hicks, so I’ll answer both here. Here are the notable players who will be unrestricted free agents after this season: Brandon Graham, Mike Wallace, Haloti Ngata, Chris Long, Darren Sproles, Corey Graham, Ronald Darby, Hicks.

A lot of those guys are old and even if they return, it won’t be for a big deal. So we’re really talking about B.G., Hicks or Darby. All three could be re-signed. But it’s also time to think about a contract for Nelson Agholor, who had his fifth-year option picked up for the 2019 season.

Oh yeah, did we mention that Carson Wentz will be eligible to sign an extension after this season? That would obviously change the dynamic of everything. So, for now, we’ll pretend that won’t happen.

I really think B.G. is going to test the market. Even though I think Darby is really good, he’s going to demand a lot after this year if he plays well. And I’m not sure the Eagles will really be able to trust Hicks; how much is considered a big deal at a devalued position?

I’m going with Agholor. Even though he’s under contract because of that option, I think the Eagles will be able to sign him to a longer-term deal to keep the cap number down next season and get him for a slight discount by projecting his numbers a little bit. This is the kind of move Howie Roseman seems to like.

I’d expect to see a little rust. It kind of is what it is. It’ll be over nine months since he will have played in a football game. But even a rusty Wentz is better than a lot of quarterbacks in this league. Aside from the rust, it’ll be interesting to see if his style will need to be changed, at least for a bit. I think we might see more of a pocket passer at the start, which could actually end up helping his game.

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