Eagles Mailbag: Possible trades and switch at LG?


The Eagles have a huge game on Sunday, when they host the Vikings at the Linc. 

It doesn’t quite have the same feel as that NFC Championship game from last year, though, does it? 

Both teams desperately need a win. It should be a fun one, but we have a mailbag to get through first.

To your questions: 


It might help. That offensive line is supposed to be the strength of the team and it hasn’t been and Stefen Wisniewski has been the weakest link. But if they make the move, this won’t cure everything. I’m not surprised the Eagles are making a move, though. Of course they want to give Isaac Seumalo a chance to get back on the field. He’s a third-round pick and everyone was singing his praises all summer. But he is the same player who got benched after just two weeks last year. 

It might also have something to do with the health of Jason Kelce. The team refuses to talk about it, but Kelce is clearly not 100 percent. This might be part of them preparing for the possibility of Kelce’s missing some time. 

I guess it’s possible that Foles gets dealt, but there just isn’t a lot of opportunity out there . You’re thinking along the right lines though: A contender who thinks they can win the Super Bowl and needs a QB. But Bortles is actually playing OK so far this season and the Jags are 3-1. They’re not going to trade for Foles now. Sure, Bortles had a bad game against the Titans but has a 93.6 passer rating this year and is on pace to throw for 4,000 yards. I agree that he’s still not a very good QB, but it’s hard to think Foles would be the answer for them.

Well, the reason we haven’t heard any Mailata updates is because there really aren’t any. He’s a deep backup and isn’t going to play this season. But I did chat with him the other day and he said things are going well. The Eagles are clearly playing the long game with him.

With Earl Thomas out for the season, the options are limited to trade for anyone who would really make an impact. And with how much Jim Schwartz asks of his safeties, he wants them to know the defense. So I think the Eagles would be more likely to get someone who has some familiarity with the scheme. That starts with Tre Sullivan, who is on the practice squad. Not a move fans would be behind, but it’s more realistic than a big name. 

From there, I have two more names that come to mind. Da’Norris Searcy is on the Panthers’ IR after suffering a concussion in Week 2. I bring him up because he played for Schwartz in Buffalo in 2014, but being on IR for a concussion is scary. Not sure how serious it is or if he’s going to be able to play again this year, but thanks to a rule suggestion from the Broncos, teams can now trade player on IR. 

The other one is Terrence Brooks, whom the Eagles traded in 2017 for Dexter McDougle. Brooks hasn’t played a single defensive snap with the Jets this season, but is a big special teams contributor. If the Jets would be willing to part with him, he might be worth something to the Eagles. 


My first instinct was to say a snake because I hate snakes, but that wouldn’t be too bad of a life, I guess. So it would have to be something that’s prey. I’ll go with a mouse. You’d be small and always fearing for your life. Like, pretty much anything can kill you and you’d have to live in a constant state of fear. Even if you want to make friends with people, they usually just shriek and try to hit you with a broom or feed you to aforementioned snake. That would suck. 

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