Eagles say ‘the bigger and blingier, the better' for Super Bowl rings


The Eagles finally have their rings.

Four months and 10 days after they took down the Patriots, 41-33, in Super Bowl LII in Minnesota, the Eagles were given their Super Bowl rings in a private ceremony at 2300 Arena in South Philly. During the ceremony, as specialized videos played, each coach and player received a box with their ring in it from owner Jeff Lurie, who asked them to hold off on opening until everyone had theirs. The wait was worth it. 

They’re beautiful.

Lurie told a story to reporters Thursday. After they won the game and before the parade, they had a team meeting and it was suggested that the Eagles go in an “elegant route” for their rings. The players didn’t go for that.

According to Lurie, the players said, “the bigger and blingier, the better.”

“Mr. Lurie asked us if we wanted it to be modest,” Malcolm Jenkins said to reporters on the red carpet earlier tonight. “And the answer was a resounding, ‘No!’ Don’t want to be modest. It’s the first time, so let’s act like we’ve never been there before. We’re excited, just like everybody else, to see what it looks like.”

Well, here it is:

Here are some facts about the ring, courtesy of the Eagles:

• The rings are pure 10-karat white gold

• There’s a total of 219 diamonds

• It includes 17 green sapphires

• There’s an underdog mask engraved inside

• The Eagles’ logo has 52 diamonds (for Super Bowl LII)

• The Lombardi Trophy has 16 diamonds (one for each win the whole year)

• The 13 diamonds on the base represent 13 regular-season wins

• Three diamonds at the top of the Lombardi Trophy for three postseason wins

• Bezel of ring has 127 diamonds (the total of jersey numbers from the Philly Special; 88+30+9=127) 

• Base of ring has four sapphires (four franchise championships) 

• Each has the individual player’s signature

• There’s a silhouette of the Linc with “Fly, Eagles Fly” on the band

• “We All We Got, We All We Need” and “Family” are also on the ring 

Plenty of Eagles were awaiting the ring ceremony and plenty of former Eagles who were on the team joined the festivities. Guys like Torrey Smith, Trey Burton, Kenjon Barner, Vinny Curry, LeGarrette Blount and Mychal Kendricks all showed up to get their bling.

The team was pumped all day to get to this ceremony. Even practice had a different buzz about it (see story).

The Eagles have plenty of other souvenirs from Super Bowl LII (see story), but there’s just something about the rings.

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