Fantasy becomes reality as Eagles talk parade expectations


For about the past month, every morning when Chris Long would drive to work, he would daydream a little bit. 

When he'd get down to Broad Street near the NovaCare Complex, he couldn't help but think about what the whole area would look like during an Eagles Super Bowl parade. 

Millions of people. Sea of green. Pure joy. 

It's all happening on Thursday. The Eagles' parade for winning Super Bowl LII starts at 11 a.m. and goes up Broad Street before finishing on the iconic steps of the art museum. 

What is it going to be like? 

"That's a great question," Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles said. "I don't think anyone really knows. We're really excited about it. I know there's supposed to be millions of people. I can't wait to go down Broad, go down to the art museum and just see everything. This is what you dream of, so it's really cool." 

Pretty much every Eagles player has been looking forward to the parade since they pulled off a 41-33 win in Super Bowl LII on Sunday night in Minneapolis. While they were celebrating on the field and in the locker room, Eagles fans took to the streets of Philadelphia to party. 

Jay Ajayi said the players saw all of that via social media and he knows it'll be nothing compared to the actual parade. 

Jordan Hicks, who has been with the Eagles since 2015, told a story on Wednesday from when he first arrived in Philadelphia. Merrill Reese told him that when the Eagles eventually won a Super Bowl, the city was "going to go nuts." In recent weeks, and especially in recent days, Hicks has thought a lot about that conversation. 

"I'm excited to get to this parade to just really put my eyes on the city and get to celebrate," Malcolm Jenkins said. "Obviously, everybody involved is having a really good time right now."

When asked how it feels to provide this level of joy for so many Eagles fans, Nelson Agholor had an interesting viewpoint. 

They didn't do it alone. 

"We're blessed. We all did it. They did it too," Agholor said. "The people that are smiling, they did it. Playing two games in the playoffs at home and taking over that and then going over to Minnesota and taking over that, the city of Philadelphia, everybody, we earned this. Let's go party. I'm going to try to not swear on air." 

No one really knows what to expect from Thursday's parade, other than it's going to be crazy. For Long, this is his second parade in two years after winning Super Bowl LI with the Patriots a year ago. 

How will this parade compare? 
"It'll be better because they've been waiting longer," Long said. "In my experience, these fans are unbelievable here in Philly." 

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