Former NFL vice president of officiating thinks refs missed game-changing call in Eagles-Titans


It looks like the refs may have missed a huge, potentially outcome-altering call in the Eagles' loss to the Titans, according to Dean Blandino, former vice president of officiating of the NFL and current Fox rules analyst.

The play in question was the strip sack of Carson Wentz that occurred one minute into the fourth quarter of a seven-point game.

Upon first look, it appears that Harold Landry comes in and cleanly separates Wentz from the ball, but the closeup shows a much different story.

It appears that Landry actually nails Wentz in the face, helping the ball jar loose, allowing the Titans to recover and take over in Eagles territory. 

With the turnover, the Titans went on to hit a 33-yard field goal en route to tying the game and winning in OT. If a call had been made on the play, the Eagles would have retained possession and turned a 3rd-and-20 into an automatic first down with possession on the Titans' 45-yard-line.

So, was this a penalty? Blandino thinks so.

A lot has been made of contact against quarterbacks this season, but this one seems pretty legitimate, especially with Blandino chiming in. We’ll see how much this decision by the refs hurts the Eagles come December if the team ends up needing one extra win.

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