Gunn-on-One: How Jay Ajayi continues to play through back fracture


Don’t let anyone tell you that running back Jay Ajayi isn’t tough. He’s playing through pain and still wants to have more of a prominent role in the offense.

He is my Gunn-on-One subject this week. Here's a piece of our conversation.

Gunn: You’re playing with a fracture in your back. How painful is that?

Ajayi: It was sore after the Tampa Bay game. That was the game I felt it the worst. This past game wasn’t too bad. It’s just about pain tolerance and pushing through it. I feel great. In my own mind I can do everything. You've just got to protect it, just keep it covered. For the most part, I’m 100 percent. I don’t really feel pain. It’s only like if it was to be contacted.

Gunn: No back in this offense seems to get more than 15, 16 carries in a game, but I found nine games when you were in Miami that you had more than 20 carries. Are there times you wished you carried the load more?

Ajayi: I definitely believe that if I’m able to get a good amount of touches in a game, I can definitely have some kind of major difference. I believe that strongly in my ability. I believe that strongly in our offense. But at the same time, you have to be realistic with how we call things. You just have to make due with the opportunities you get.

Hear what Ajayi has to say about his future in Philadelphia and more on Eagles Pregame Live Sunday, which begins at 3 p.m. on NBC Sports Philadelphia.

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