Hilarious Eagles fan shouts about the Birds on ‘The Price Is Right'


While the football world prepares for a (hopefully) thrilling Super Bowl between the 49ers and Andy Reid's Chiefs, one Eagles fan used a fleeting moment in the limelight to remind us that Philadelphia's football fans are still the craziest.

An Eagles fan named Brian appeared on Tuesday's episode of the classic midday game show "The Price Is Right". How do we know he's an Eagles fan, you ask? Because, like all Eagles fans, he told us.

Normally, while the wheel spins, host Drew Carey gives participants a few hectic seconds to shoutout family, friends, and loved ones. Here, Brian instead opts to yell about his favorite football team:

Now, Brian could've simply worn an Eagles shirt to the show Tuesday and signaled his fandom from the start, but where's the fun in that? Instead, he chose to pull some late-game heroics and nailed the t-shirt reveal.

Brian's shoutout marks the second time this year that the Eagles received a gameshow shoutout, after Lancaster native Brad Rutter wagered $4,133 in Final Jeopardy! and reminded viewers that the Eagles won Super Bowl LII.

Oh, and it's worth mentioning that Tuesday's episode of "The Price Is Right" also featured a musical appearance from Fall Out Boy band members Patrick Stump and... Pete Wentz. 

An Eagles fan stealing the show while someone with the last name Wentz appears in the same episode? Too perfect.

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