Is this good news coming from Tim Jernigan?


We have visual proof that Tim Jernigan is still alive and is at least planning to play football again at some point. 

We’ll take it. 

You’ll remember that Jernigan, a big part of the 2017 team, is on the NFI after having back surgery this offseason. The earliest he can come back is Week 7, but we haven’t heard a ton about him recently. 

But on Saturday, Jernigan posted this photo to his Instagram story (H/t reddit user/CaesarXV):

That’s probably a good sign, right? I don’t have a PhD in decoding cryptic emojis, but that probably means he thinks he’s getter closer or maybe he’s running out of time. Whatever, Tim Jernigan in football cleats is probably a good thing. 

This comes just days after Doug Pederson didn’t display a lot of confidence when asked about the possibility Jernigan plays this season. 

“He’s a guy that we’ll just continue to monitor,” Pederson said. “I don’t want to put a cap on him, limit him in any way and any other expectation than just him getting better and healthy at this time.”

While this photo from Saturday is probably a good sign, it’s not like he hasn’t been working out in rehab. He posted this photo with Carson Wentz in June.

Just last week, defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz admitted the team has missed Jernigan this season. They’ve been going with a three-DT rotation this year without him. 

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