Jay Ajayi's desired talent would help him in the fashion industry


Each week during the season, I go through the Eagles’ media guide to find one interesting fact about a player and ask them about it. 

This week, I talked to Jay Ajayi. 

DZ: Yours says, “Desired talent: ‘I would love to be able to cut and sew.’"

JA: Yeah. 

DZ: Is that still true? Is that a fashion thing? 

JA: Yes. Yeah, because I have my own brand. So to get into the next level of that, like, being able to cut and sew my own pieces and stuff like that. We have producers who do it, but to be able to do it myself. 

DZ: Kind of get a better understanding of the process? 

JA: Yeah, for sure. Just keep growing. 

DZ: When did you start your brand? 

JA: Umm, 20 … 16, yeah, 2016. 

DZ: Why did you do it? Have you always been into that? 

JA: Yeah, just my hobby. My creative passion. Something I like to do. 

DZ: (Noticing Ajayi is wearing a hoodie from his brand) Tell me about the name. 

JA: It’s called YURP. It stands for “Your Unlocked Raw Power.” 

DZ: Oh ok. Where’d that come from? 

JA: It was just something that came to me during that time, during 2016. Me and my partner, we came up with it and that’s what we decided to call the company. 

DZ: Is fashion something after football you think you might get more into? 

JA: Yeah, it’s something that I’m always doing and I’m running it daily. So definitely. 

DZ: Thank you, man. Appreciate it. 

JA: Yup. 

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