LeBron James loves him some Carson Wentz


Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is so impressive he's even made a fan out of NBA superstar and noted Cowboys supporter LeBron James.

In fact, King James isn't merely enjoying watching Wentz play at the highest level in his sport this season — right now, there's no player in the NFL James would rather see perform.

"My favorite player right now is Carson Wentz," James said Monday before his Cleveland Cavaliers were set to take on the Sixers. "I told my brother earlier in the season that I just love the way he plays the game."

Obviously, Wentz can make all the throws and make some magic with his legs as well. But for James, it's the cerebral aspect of Wentz's game that truly stands out.

"The way he's able to get to his progressions throughout a three-step drop or five-step drop," James said, "and then if everything breaks down, his ability to run, get outside the pocket.

"He can make passes or get yards with his feet. Very smart player, from the outside looking in, obviously. And they've got a really good team. I'm a Cowboys fan, a Browns fan, but I'm a fan of sports and I know sports."

Of course, James grew up in the Cleveland area and has been known to support the Browns as well. Seeing as they're currently 0-11 and haven't managed a winning season since 2007, you could forgive James for being a little salty. After all, the Browns passed on Wentz in the draft last year, essentially trading him to the Eagles.

James isn't upset about missing out on Wentz, though. Well, not Wentz specifically, anyway.

"Uhh ...," James said, "they passed on a lot of people."

That they did.

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