Local high school pulls off Philly Special


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? 

In what comes as absolutely no surprise to this blogger, a local high school pulled off Philly Philly…and it was glorious. I’m not sure how every high school football team in the tri-state area hasn’t put the play in their playbooks, because not even an NFL defense can stop it.

Leading 38-28 in the fourth quarter, La Salle College High School pulled off the famous play, and of course, it worked to perfection as Sean Daly gave it to Manny Quiles, who dished it to Liam Tatlongari, who delivered the pass back to Daly for the touchdown.

They went on to win 58-28 against Haverford on homecoming night.

Now, it appears that they ran the Philly Philly version from last week’s win against the Falcons, not the version that the Eagles ran in the Super Bowl, but either way, kudos to the staff and team at La Salle College High School for pulling off the play and we expect to see more of these videos until someone figures out how to stop this masterpiece. 

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