Newly-retired Brent Celek gives his take on 2018 Eagles


Thursday night is going to be a little weird for Brent Celek. 

The newly-retired tight end will be watching the Eagles take on the Falcons in the 2018 season opener. But Celek, who officially retired last Friday (see story), will be watching as a fan. 

"I'm happy with the decision," Brent Celek said to NBC Sports Philadelphia's Marc Farzetta this afternoon. "I think I've been good with the decision for a little bit now. To be able to be a fan for the first time and watch these guys play, I'm excited." 

Celek, 33, played 11 seasons with the Eagles and decided to retire as a Super Bowl champion instead of joining another team to continue his career. 

In those 11 seasons, Celek missed just one game. Back in 2012, Celek missed a game with a concussion on a short week. That makes this the first time in nearly six years the Eagles will play a game without Celek. 

But he'll be watching. 

So what does Celek think of the 2018 team? 

"I think they're going to be a good team," he said. "I think, like any team, they're going to have some struggles here and there. I'm sure everyone will think the sky is falling when they do have a few struggles. But I think these guys are tough dudes, their strong-willed and they're going to be good."

Celek, who once took a young Zach Ertz under his wing, is happy to see Ertz pass that on to talented rookie Dallas Goedert. 

Celek admitted that rookie seasons for tight ends can be tough, but thinks Goedert can be productive with so much attention on Ertz. 

As for Carson Wentz's not playing in Week 1?

"I just didn't know," Celek said. "Honestly, the kid is a beast. Rushing him into a situation like that, probably not the smartest. It's probably a good decision not to do it. I know everyone wants him out there and I would love to see him out there as well. But this is the reason you got Nick Foles, for situations like this."

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