NFL draft 2020 already going crazy but how will that affect Eagles?


We still have over 24 hours until the start of the 2020 NFL virtual draft and things are already getting weird. 

For several months, the Dolphins have been linked to Tua Tagovailoa with many people thinking they could possibly trade up to get the Alabama quarterback. 

And things are moving along nicely. The Dolphins are already working on a trade up to get … wait … what? 

An offensive tackle? OK. … 

If the Dolphins move up to 3 to take a tackle, it means they’re basically just hopping in front of the Giants to get the top tackle off the board. The interesting thing is that it could start a run on tackles. 

And that could force some teams — like the Jets! — to move up and try to get one. 

So what does this mean for the Eagles? 

Well, there are a couple ways to look at it. On a micro level, if the Jets can move up to take a tackle, there’s one less team to take a receiver. But if they can’t move up, it might then create a situation where they do take a receiver. 

Overall, though, it helps the Eagles if positions like offensive tackle and quarterback start to go early; they’re unlikely to draft either. So if the Dolphins take an OT instead of a QB early, it might not really change the numbers too much. And we already kind of expected the run on receivers to start around the 10th pick. 

While all this is projection and a crapshoot, here are the teams in front of the Eagles who have taken a receiver in the latest mock drafts

11. Jets 
12. Raiders
13. 49ers
15. Broncos
20. Jaguars 

While it’s a good thing for tackles and quarterbacks to come off the board early because it theoretically pushes receivers down to the Eagles, based on most mock drafts and projections, it might not change too much. 

But if a team like the Jets, who could go OT or WR, decides to trade up to take a tackle, it could push a top receiver into range for the Eagles. A slight advantage could end up meaning a lot. 

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