NFL Draft 2020: Play armchair GM and we'll tell you how you'd do on draft day


So, picture this. 

You're sitting in your comfy armchair, you're got the (virtual) NFL Draft on, and all of the sudden....your general manager completely fumbles on major pick. 

You think: how could he NOT take that guy? How could he take this guy? This team NEEDED a wide receiver. 

We've all got opinions on who we think our team's general manager should take, trade and deall so we're putting you to the test with this quiz.

Plus, with things going virtual this year, there's a whole new game to be played on draft night that'll test general managers like never before: with the internet and technology glitches possibly galore. All things being taken in to account, we invite you to play armchair GM and we'll tell you if you've really got what it takes. 


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