Orlando Scandrick doubles down on trolling of Eagles


As if the Philadelphia Eagles and their fans needed anymore fodder for their disdain of Orlando Scandrick, the former NFL player once again joined Skip Bayless on "Undisputed" and spoke about the Dallas Cowboys using curious phrasing.

"We," to be specific.

How far does Scandrick believe the Cowboys can go this season?

"We looking good right now," Scandrick responds. This gets a rise out of Shannon Sharpe.

"Oh, it's 'we' now?!" Sharpe says.

Skip comes to his defense because he played for them "for a long time." Just not that recently. Right.

I actually think this is an assertion that Birds fans will welcome. They already can't stand Scandrick and we know how they feel about the Dallas Cowboys, so it's a two birds with one stone situation.

Scandrick was, of course, absolutely destroyed by the Eagles' social media account after he caused a stir after being cut with his comments about Malcolm Jenkins. We're just happy to see he's healthy enough to appear on TV to spew his nonsense.

Looking to Scandrick's take on his Cowboys when they inevitably lose the division to the Eagles in the coming months.

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