An important lesson Sirianni taught Roseman


PHOENIX — Not long after Nick Sirianni was hired as the Eagles’ head coach in 2021, he asked general manager Howie Roseman a question Roseman wasn’t expecting.

“When are we hanging out this summer?”

Roseman recalled that moment on Saturday, the day before the Eagles departed Philadelphia for Phoenix and Super Bowl LVII. He told the story because it gives even more insight into Sirianni and his most important core value.

Because connecting isn’t just for coaches and players. It’s for everyone. And Sirianni makes that effort with Roseman just like he would for Jalen Hurts or A.J. Brown or any of his players.

Roseman has been in the NFL for over 20 years and he’s been a general manager for over a decade. But this is a lesson he’s learned from the Eagles’ relatively young head coach.

“He makes an effort and he’s taught me sometimes you take it for granted,” Roseman said. “I’ve talked about that. Being with Andy (Reid) and being with the people so long when we had Coach Reid, you take those relationships for granted, that they just happen.

“I think he’s helped me realize that just like your relationships with family, you gotta work on things all the time. Because you go through things so much in these seven months together, ups and downs and so you bank on the trust and relationships you have.”

At times during Roseman’s career, his relationships with those he worked with have become strained. But he’s grown in that area in recent years and having a head coach in place like Sirianni has helped even more.

Earlier this season, we asked a bunch of players how Sirianni has connected with them personally and the responses ranged from family, faith, football and more. He makes a real effort to give everyone some time and that matters.

That’s the same thing Sirianni is doing with Roseman.

“I go in there and I don’t just go in there and talk about football or talk about the roster,” Sirianni said. “We’ll go in there and I’m connecting with Howie the same way I’m trying to connect with our players and vice versa. Same thing with Howie. It’s been great.”

Roseman and Sirianni are both in their 40s and have similar taste in movies and music, Roseman said. They also share a sense of humor.

Eagles director of scouting Brandon Hunt has noticed that relationship between the two and was surprised to find out they didn’t even know each other until the Eagles interviewed Sirianni in January of 2021 in Palm Beach. Hunts thought that was “unbelievable,” according to Roseman.

“We’re tied at the hip,” Sirianni said. “There can be division with the head coach and the general manager and I think you see that and it’s not healthy. It doesn’t work. So I’ve really appreciated the working relationship with Howie.”

It also helps that both men are pretty good at their jobs. Roseman built this team with just a few holdovers from the last Super Bowl roster. When asked what makes Roseman so good at his job, Sirianni said it’s the same things that make a good coach or player: Talent and attention to detail.

And as good as this roster is, it’s Sirianni who has gotten the most out of them during the 2022 season. He led them to the No. 1 seed in the NFC and now into Super Bowl LVII.

“He’s a heck of a coach,” Roseman said. “I feel really lucky to have him.”

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