Bears promote Carson Wentz's former position coach John DeFilippo


Let’s play a game of connect the dots. It’s too hard not to.

As the Eagles work on trading Carson Wentz out of town, one of the two teams who are heavily involved in trade talks just promoted Wentz’s former quarterbacks coach.

The Bears on Monday afternoon promoted quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo, adding the title of passing game coordinator to his resume.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean the Bears are going to end up landing Wentz but the timing is at least interesting. Of course, the Bears had the title of passing game coordinator open after Dave Ragone left to be the Falcons’ OC this offseason.

DeFilippo, 42, was the Eagles’ quarterbacks coach at the beginning of Wentz’s career, holding that title from 2016-17 before leaving to take the Vikings’ OC job in 2018. From 2018-2020, Wentz’s position coach was Press Taylor, who is now in Indianapolis.

The Colts and Bears are clearly the two teams most involved in trade talks with the Eagles on Wentz, league sources have confirmed to NBC Sports Philadelphia.

Of course, DeFilippo and Taylor had much different coaching styles. DeFilippo had the reputation of being a tougher coach, while Taylor was criticized by various reports for being too “buddy-buddy” with Wentz, who is just a few years younger than him.

An interesting element to this potential trade is the influence Wentz and his representatives might end up having. No, he doesn’t have a no-trade clause like Deshaun Watson, but any team trading for a franchise quarterback would generally want that QB to want to be there.

In an interview with John Clark, former Eagles president Joe Banner brought up Wentz’s potential influence in an upcoming trade. He thinks it’s possible Wentz and the Eagles might try to work together to pick the landing spot as long as the Eagles deem the compensation fair.

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