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Belichick eyed 3 coach openings after Super Bowl LII loss


The Eagles briefly interrupted the Patriots' annoyingly long dynasty with their win in Super Bowl LII (41-33, Nick Foles caught a touchdown) which made the Birds' first-ever Super Bowl extra enjoyable.

And while the Pats ran it back the next year to win a title over the Rams, apparently that loss really stung Pats head coach Bill Belichick - so much so that he considered a change of scenery.

According to new information from Seth Wickersham, one of the most plugged-in NFL reporters in terms of behind-the-scenes information, Belichick legitimately thought about leaving New England after his Patriots took that L from the Eagles:

"At the time, I think there was a sense that Brady wasn't going anywhere and Bill left the impression that he might be open to a move," Wickersham said. "There were some reports that came out at the time that the (New York) Giants were looking at him. I think he talked to the Washington Football Team and the (Miami) Dolphins about sort of their openings.

"And it was unclear whether he was interested or not, but he was still talking to them and subsequent reporting has only sort of shown how in that offseason, Brady skipped the offseason program for the first time in his career and he had just kind of had enough."

To be clear, Washington and the Dolphins didn't have openings at that time - but neither team was so wedded to their head coaches then (Jay Gruden in Washington, Adam Gase in Miami) that they would've turned down Belichick.

And honestly? Thank goodness Belichick decided to stay.

Sure, watching the Patriots add another ring to their collection was frustrating in Super Bowl LIII, but the prospect of Belichick coming to the NFC East would've been absolutely terrifying. If there's anything that could've fixed the Giants or Washington of their longstanding ineptitude, adding Belichick might've really done the trick.

Instead, the Giants hired Pat Shurmur and Washington eventually hired Ron Rivera while Miami hired Brian Flores. The Dolphins are now interesting, Washington is a mystery, and the Giants are still non-threatening.

So Eagles fans can enjoy the fact that their first Super Bowl win nearly forced the best head coach of all-time to leave the kingdom he created.

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