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Broncos' Bridgewater gets crushed for quitting on Eagles TD


Teddy Bridgewater wasn't to blame when the Eagles recovered a fumble on a Broncos fourth down attempt at the end of the third quarter, at a crucial point in Sunday's game in Denver. He just handed the ball off.

But he still caught hell from football fans all over for playing matador during Darius Slay's ensuing 82-yard touchdown return, because Bridgewater pulled a Cam Newton-in-Super Bowl 50 as Slay ran right by him towards the end zone.

Look at Bridgewater make an absolute business decision instead of trying to tackle Slay:

Hooo boy, that's not going to make you any friends in the locker room.

Unsurprisingly, Bridgewater got absolutely crushed for the no-show tackle effort:

This is one that maybe goes away in a win, but certainly won't go away after a loss to a team that you should absolutely beat - and at home to boot.

Not a great look, Teddy. Yikes.

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