Carson Wentz is leaving Philly, but his foundation isn't


Carson Wentz is going to Indianapolis.

His food truck isn’t.

The AO1 Foundation’s Thy Kingdom Crumb food truck has been around since June of 2018 and although Wentz is now the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts following a trade last month, the AO1 Foundation plans to keep Thy Kingdom Crumb in the Delaware Valley for “years to come.”

“We care about the people in this region,” said Zach Wentz, the Executive Director of the AO1 Foundation and Carson’s older brother. “They’re a big part of our life, big part of where we are today. And we plan on [continuing] to serve the people in this area.”

Speaking to NBC Sports Philadelphia on Wednesday afternoon, Zach Wentz said he knows some people were wondering whether the entire foundation, food truck and all, would be leaving town along with Carson this offseason. But as an Instagram post from AO1 said after the trade, despite Carson’s departure, there’s a “renewed commitment to serving people in the Delaware Valley.”

While most of the executive staff of the AO1 Foundation will likely be splitting up between Indianapolis and North Dakota, the Thy Kingdom Crumb staff will remain in this area and the operation will still be based in its South Jersey location.


Because the Wentz family and the foundation, despite the football breakup between Wentz and the Eagles, still feel a strong connection to this area.

“This city has embraced us since Day 1. It’s been phenomenal,” Zach Wentz said. “It has a special place in our heart, to be honest with you. It will always hold a special place in our heart. The people here, the passion, the culture in this area is something that we never experienced before and it’s a part of us now. We want to continue to give back in this area just because it’s meant so much to us and it’s played a big part of our lives.”

Carson Wentz launched the AO1 (Audience of One) foundation in the offseason between his rookie and sophomore seasons in the NFL back in 2017. He unveiled Thy Kingdom Crumb at his inaugural charity softball game at Citizens Bank Park on June 1, 2018.

According to the AO1 Foundation, since its launch, The Kingdom Crumb has served 18,184 meals from the window of the actual truck. And during the COVID-19 pandemic, the foundation started its Love From The Crumb initiative that began to distribute groceries and essential supplies throughout the Philadelphia area. More recently, the foundation has been serving family-style means during weekly curbside pickup events. Since the initiative began, the AO1 Foundation says it has distributed 60,000 pounds of groceries and over 20,000 total individual meals.

Last week, the staff made 3,200 meatballs. As Zach Wentz spoke on Wednesday, that same staff was working on an incredibly large batch of chili.

Carson Wentz began his career with the Eagles as the No. 2 overall pick back in 2016 and reached some incredible highs. He was on his way to becoming the NFL MVP in 2017 before suffering a torn ACL. But he was obviously still a huge part of the Super Bowl team. Since then, he and the Eagles had their ups and downs together and it all culminated in a divorce last month.

Leading up to the inevitable trade, The John Kincade Show on 97.5 The Fanatic asked its listeners to donate to the AO1 Foundation to show support for all of Wentz’s contributions during his time in Philadelphia. Within 10 hours, the foundation had seen over $5,000 come in.

The foundation and the Wentz family took notice.

“It was really cool,” Zach Wentz said. “I think anytime situations like this arise, especially as a family member like myself and a foundation, you kind of worry about perception and how things are perceived and who’s putting words into whose mouth, how it gets viewed and strung out. For us to see that was extremely encouraging. I think if you look back at the track record of Carson and the foundation, I think our actions speak for themselves and what we think about this community, what we think about this area.

“So to see that in response to that and to look at the work we’ve done but also for the people to say … I don’t want to say leaving on good terms but appreciative of the work that we’ve done in this area. Again, it refocuses us and continues to reassure us that we’re going to continue to serve this area moving forward.”

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