Closing the loop on Chris Long's Ken Flajole tattoo


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — A little over five years ago, I sat at a table in the Mall of America with Eagles linebackers coach Ken Flajole and he told me about his bet with Chris Long.

Flajole and Long had a relationship that predated their time together in Philadelphia. Flajole was the defensive coordinator in St. Louis when Long was drafted their as the No. 2 overall pick.

So during training camp before the 2017 season, Flajole told Long how much it would mean if they were able to win a championship together. And Long told Flajole that if they won the Super Bowl, he would get Flajole’s face tattooed on his body.

The Eagles won and Long, of course, did it.

And now a little over 5 years later, I got to close the loop. After the 2020 season, despite rumors about a potential retirement, Flajole became the outside linebackers coach for the Chiefs, working under his longtime friend Andy Reid.

So on Wednesday morning, in a courtyard at the Chiefs’ Super Bowl LVII hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona, I found myself sitting at a table with Flajole once again.

Had to ask.

“We did it. He’s got it,” Flajole said. “And he’ll show it to you. And I can show it to you on my phone. I’ll give you a 15-second interesting story. You know how Mr. (Jeffrey) Lurie always has a barbecue right before the beginning of camp. The players will come in and the coaches.

“Chris had had it done and I had not met Chris Long’s wife yet. She was at the barbecue. So I decided I’m going to go over and introduce myself. I said, ‘I’m Ken Flajole.’ And she goes, ‘I know who you are. I wake up next to you every morning.’”

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