Colts reportedly not budging on Carson Wentz trade offer


Back on Feb. 6, ESPN reported the Eagles were expected to trade Carson Wentz in “the coming days.”

Eleven days later, Wentz is still a member of the Eagles.

Here’s the latest from Zak Keefer of The Athletic from Indianapolis:

And so we wait.

This is now a standoff between the Eagles, Colts, Bears and Wentz himself. Either the market for Wentz really cooled over the last week and a half or it was never as hot as we were led to believe.

Here are some things we know based on various reports:

  • The Eagles would like to trade Wentz, but want to get back premium compensation. They started with a sky-high ask.
  • Wentz would prefer to get traded out of Philly and most think his preference between the Colts and Bears would be the Colts. That’s logical based on the set-up in Indianapolis.
  • The Bears want to make sure that if they trade for Wentz, he’d be happy or at least willing to join their team. That’s where Wentz’s leverage comes in.
  • Colts GM Chris Ballard is fine with slow-playing this and isn’t one to come over the top with an offer. In other words, not many expect Ballard to overpay, not even for a guy who might become the franchise quarterback under Frank Reich for a team that has gone through three QBs in three years.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Wednesday morning, during his weekly call with 97.5 The Fanatic, said the league views the Wentz trade as “the next domino” to fall. There are several other QBs who might be moved this offseason but the league is waiting to see what happens with No. 11.

“I don’t think the facts on the story have changed at all. It’s the same story,” Schefter said. “It’s gone on and on. The only difference is that the Eagles are being very deliberate in their attempts before they trade him. That’s the only thing that slowed this down.

“I thought it would have been done by the end of last week. It wasn’t. It wasn’t, in part, because they’re being very deliberate and slow in taking the calls, sifting through the offers, making the decisions and finally just doing it. But nothing’s changed. Carson Wentz is still expected to be traded, he still wants to leave Philadelphia, the Eagles and he are going to move on from each other, I believe. And so it’s the same situation.”

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