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Commanders get first look at ups and downs of Wentz at OTAs


The Washington Commanders – when will that stop being weird to say? – opened their first OTAs today in Ashburn, Virginia. That means our first look at our ol’ pal Carson Wentz in burgundy and gold. And it also means a whole new fanbase dealing with the two sides of the Carson Wentz Experience.

Ok! First off, he looks like a kid on his first day of school. Excited, almost giddy. Good for him. He’s getting the ball out quickly in drills, but Eagles (and Colts) fans know that getting the ball out quickly isn’t one of Wentz’s strong suits.

As with most NFL teams, there is optimism among Commanders fans and media alike. They added speedy play-making wideout Jahan Dotson out of Penn State to an offense that has some nice skill position talent. But optimism is fleeting in the NFL, especially when you’re talking about a QB on his third team in three seasons. 

Now normally, I’m not a fan at all of OTA play-by-play tweets. Unless it’s something mind-blowing, or newsworthy, like an injury, it’s really just best to summarize the day’s events with a few bullet points. But the buyer’s remorse from some fans, 45 minutes into his first practice, is particularly tasty.

Man, I can understand the fans’ trepidation, but calling for Sam Howell?!? 

I really do wish the best for Wentz – in life. I hope he remains healthy and happy, and lives to a ripe old age. He deserves a break in his football life as well, and I was hoping he had gotten it in Indianapolis. Not only did that not happen, but the team owner eviscerated Wentz in the media after the Colts traded him. 

I don’t know if Wentz is a good person, but he’s not a terrible quarterback. He probably won’t take a team to the Super Bowl, but he’s certainly better than the treatment he got from the Colts.

And now that he’s a division rival, I hope he stays healthy enough to hand the Eagles a couple wins every year.

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