Cox, Smith among worst player models in Madden NFL 22


It’s officially Madden season.

EA Sports’ flagship NFL football game is finally here, and this year’s version of the game features some interesting player models. 

Each year one of the biggest complaints EA receives from fans and players revolves around player likenesses. While it’s almost impossible to accurately represent each player on a full 53-man NFL roster, Madden has featured hilarious omissions from some of the league’s highest-profile players on each team over the years.

Eagles fans won’t be happy to see what EA did with All-Pro defensive tackle Fletcher Cox’s player model in this year’s game. 

Cox is the second-highest-rated defensive lineman, only behind Aaron Donald, at 94 overall. He has consistently been one of the best interior defensive linemen in the NFL and the fact that he doesn’t have an accurate representation of himself in Madden is questionable.

If you thought that was bad, wait until they see how the No. 10 overall pick DeVonta Smith looks in the game.

In addition to missing on the top Eagles rookie this year, other notable Philly players without face scans include Darius Slay, Brandon Graham and Jalen Reagor and Joe Flacco.

Madden has always struggled with a lack of customization options, but it has made a conscious effort to update player likenesses throughout the season when met with backlash from fans and players. 

Hopefully the game can update some of these Eagles models and put respect on the names of some the best players in the league soon

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