Dolphins could move Eagles' first-round pick again


The Eagles' original pick in the 2021 NFL Draft might have yet another new home before the actual pick is made on April 29.

The No. 6 pick in next week's draft originally belonged to the Eagles when the 2020 season ended, a product of a 4-11-1 record (way to play for the tie, Doug!) and some Week 17 shenanigans vs. Washington (way to play for the pick, Doug!)

But Howie Roseman sent No. 6 to Miami as the second leg of the Dolphins' huge draft pick swap with the 49ers, as Miami exited No. 3 and San Fran jumped up for a quarterback.

And now that No. 6 pick might once again be on the move, as the Dolphins are fielding calls from front offices eager to vault towards the top of a talent-laden draft, according to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport:

The Dolphins executing three trades in the first round would be absolutely insane, though it's hard to fault them if teams are calling and offering desperation-level trade packages.

Anyone trying to get up to No. 6 at this point is probably angling for a quarterback, so the deal could happen on draft night as we see how the board falls - though don't rule out the Cowboys at No. 10, with Jerry Jones reportedly infatuated with one top playmaker.

Now, with this report and the recent rumblings that the Eagles might be looking to move back up into the Top 10 before the picks are in, some of the more absurdist fans out there have asked: would Roseman trade back up to No. 6?!?

The answer is obviously (and unfortunately) no. The Eagles made that trade a while ago, and you can't just hit the undo button, no matter how enticing the options at No. 6 will be. The trade likely happened because Roseman and the front office had an idea of how those first five picks are going to fall, and they didn't think they could land the guy they wanted. That likely hasn't changed.

With the star power at the top of this year's class, we're probably going to see a number of deals between now and the end of the first round. It should be a wild ride.

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