Donna Kelce shares homemade cookie recipe before Super Bowl


Few things in the world are better than homemade chocolate chip cookies.

And when the sweet treats are made by a loved one, they instantly become more delicious.

Donna Kelce is an expert in this field, having made cookies for her sons Jason and Travis since they were kids. Now NFL stars for the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs, Jason and Travis got to enjoy Donna's homemade cookie at Super Bowl LVII Opening Night on Monday.

After handing out the cookies to the brothers, Donna sat down with NBC to share her recipe.

"It's just a basic chocolate chip recipe," she explained. "Brown sugar and flour -- I use both cake flour and regular flour, one cup of each. I take the butter and melt it in the microwave, and that just makes the cookies creamier.

"One thing that I do is I have white chocolate and milk chocolate chips, and I also put in a little bit of cinnamon. That's really the only changes that I do to a cookie recipe. And I let the dough sit overnight in the refrigerator so all the flavors mesh in together. That's about it."

Now that Donna's cookie secrets are out, Eagles and Chiefs fans can add her delicious treats to their Super Bowl dessert menu on Sunday.

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