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Eagles fans are fired up over this super intense handshake


New Eagles safety Anthony Harris arrived at the Novacare Complex for the first time on Tuesday after signing a one-year, $5 million deal to start at safety opposite Rodney McLeod.

Harris feels like a strong, maybe underrated signing by Howie Roseman, so Eagles fans are pretty happy to see him arrive in Philly.

But Harris wasn't the star of his arrival on Tuesday. That role belonged to a crazy-intense high five/handshake/dap from new defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon.

Gannon, 37, worked with Harris in Minnesota during the safety's first three years in the NFL from 2015 to 2017, so there is some history between the two guys, and when Harris arrived at the Eagles' facility on Tuesday, it was extremely clear that Gannon was pumped to see his old friend.

Look at this fantastic, high-energy reception from Gannon:

MY GOODNESS! Gannon comes in HOT with the double-clap-into-dap-into-hug triple combo. What an approach from the new face of the Eagles' defense. That's the kind of leadership you're looking for. So much strength, so much swagger. The sound on that handshake is still echoing through the halls by the training tables, sweeping across the streets in South Philly.

Eagles fans took notice of Gannon's energy, and guess what? They love it:

Talk about an unexpected but fantastic way to make a great first impression on your fanbase. Score one for Gannon, I suppose!

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