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Eagles fans hysterically send message at team training facility, Sirianni ‘grateful' for their energy

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There's a billion different narratives that float around when it comes to Eagles fans but there is one that will forever stand the test of time.

Eagles fans are the most dedicated fanbase in sports.

They are loyal, passionate, share the highest of highs with their team and are never afraid to let the Birds know when they need to be playing better.

When it comes to voicing opinions, many choose to scream into the void on social media — it's certainly the easier way to try and get a point across. And when there's thousands of fans coming together to say the same thing, it's sure to move the needle to some degree.

For a few fans though, posting simply wasn't enough.

As recently as *checks timestamp* 7:28 a.m. on Wednesday, a pair of fans wanted to make their voices heard to the coaches about a specific area of play the Eagles have lacked production in as of late. The running game.

There's nothing quite like rolling up to the Eagles' training facility with a big ol' sign that says "RUN THE BALL" and parking yourself right at the entrance.

It generated enough buzz that Nick Sirianni was asked about it during Wednesday's press conference and if it took him by surprise at all.

"I love our fans," Sirianni said. "I love their passion and their energy. It's not the first time I heard 'run the ball.' And you know what? We do need to continue to try to run the ball, so no, I'm not surprised by that and I appreciate their energy.

"I know that same energy of those guys sitting out there this morning when I drove in, they're going to have that same energy when they're cheering us on in the stadium and I'm thankful and grateful for that."

Will there be an immediate change in play calling come Sunday against the Cowboys? Only time will tell ... but the point has been made.

So, sometimes it's worth going the extra mile to make a statement … or whatever the distance was between those fans and the NovaCare Complex.

Please never, ever change Eagles fans.

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