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Eagles fans react to crazy OT win against Bills

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If your heart isn't fully racing at the end of an Eagles game, did it really happen?

A slow start against the Bills turned into an absolutely chaotic overtime victory that propelled the Eagles to 10-1 on the season.

This "gauntlet" stretch of the schedule that has included the Dolphins, Commanders (they don't really count), Cowboys, Chiefs and Bills has been crazy … but there's only one thing that matters — they're 5-0 in that stretch.

The Birds just keep finding ways to win. It's insane.

… And the response to this victory on social media has been pure gold:

This one is the clear winner, though:

The Eagles are keeping the main thing the main thing … and even if these down-to-the-wire games keep happening, there's no need to worry. They're as clutch as can be. Calm, cool and collected until the very end.

And that's great considering fans run around like chickens with their heads cut off until the Eagles officially land in that win column.

It's called balance, people.

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