Eagles have reportedly talked with Colts about potential Wentz trade


When talking about a potential Carson Wentz trade, the most logical landing spot is Indianapolis.

The Colts need a quarterback after Philip Rivers’ retirement. And Frank Reich is the head coach for the Colts, who also brought in Press Taylor this offseason.

And the Eagles and Colts have already had discussions, according to a report.

“I do know that the Eagles have had conversations with the Indianapolis Colts already,” NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo said on the WIP Morning Show Friday.

Of course, that doesn't mean anything is imminent.

An NFL Network report surfaced on Thursday that while Wentz has not yet officially requested a trade out of Philadelphia, the Eagles have fielded calls about the 28-year-old quarterback.

Meanwhile, an ESPN report from Tim McManus, claims the Eagles have already received “aggressive offers” for Wentz.

All this comes a couple days after ESPN’s Adam Schefter said that Wentz “wants to leave the franchise.”

So that there’s plenty of smoke around a potential Wentz trade. Wentz very notably hasn’t spoken publicly since Dec. 6, the day he was benched in favor of Jalen Hurts. If you’re reading into Wentz’s silence over the last couple months, you’re not alone.

The relationship between Wentz and the Eagles is obviously strained and the question has been whether or not it’s strained to the point of being irreparable.

In recent days, reports have framed it as though GM Howie Roseman isn’t necessarily looking to trade Wentz but is happy to listen to offers and is waiting to be blown away. But this also seems like a smart tactic by Roseman, who will happily let a market materialize beyond the one that would do so naturally. Because if either side (Wentz or the Eagles) thinks the relationship isn’t repairable, then the Eagles will feel pressure to trade Wentz.

There are plenty of possible landing spots for Wentz — as Garafolo pointed out, there are a number of teams who need a QB — and I look at some of them here.

At the top of the list — and pretty much every list — is the Colts. But Garafolo gave a little more insight into that particular trade destination.

“Here’s the thing about the Colts and this is why they never were really strongly in the running for Matthew Stafford: These guys are really good at what they do draft-wise,” he said. “They believe in themselves, so every pick that they deal away, they think to themselves, ‘Wow, I just dealt away a good player.’ Whereas some GMs might say, ‘Eh, you know what, I may have missed on that pick anyway.’ These guys believe that they’re going to hit on every single one, so what they do is they’re a little slow-playing when it comes to these draft picks in trades.”

If you’re wondering, the Colts hold the No. 21 pick in the first round this year and the No. 54 pick in the second round. Obviously a big difference in terms of value. (They also have No. 85 in the third round.)

The Eagles will obviously want a first-round pick for Wentz, but teams are not going to want to give out a first. This is where the Eagles have to hope multiple teams are interested in Wentz to raise the price.

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