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Kelce had a not-so-sly way of proposing to his wife Kylie

Kylie Kelce was a special guest on the 'New Heights' show with Jason and Travis Kelce

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When Jason Kelce decided to get down on one knee and ask his now wife Kylie to marry him, it didn't come as a storybook surprise.

There was a critical flaw in Kelce's timing. Not that Kylie wasn't ready to say yes; but she knew something was amiss as Kelce's plan unfolded.

In the latest episode of the "New Heights" show with Jason and Travis Kelce, Kylie shared the awesome story of how the Eagles' center proposed to her six years ago. The two were leaving Kylie's parents' house and Kelce still needed to ask for permission to propose. He told Kylie he had to go back inside to use the bathroom before they started the car for the drive home.

"He was only in there for maybe two minutes and he came back out," Kylie said.

Doesn't add up.

"And I said to him, 'Jason, go back in there and go the bathroom. I know you didn't just go in there and take a s---, it usually takes you 20 minutes,'" Kylie said. "'That was not long enough and we are not turning around.'"

No more audibles.

"The whole s--- thing was just a ploy," Kelce said.

He had to just go for it.

"Then he said, 'This is not the most romantic way to do this, but can you get out of the truck,'" Kylie said.

Kelce and Kylie have been married since April 2018. They have three daughters together.

It all worked out.

h/t to the New York Post.

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