Eagles mailbag: Rating an Eagles-only mock draft haul


Thanks for all your questions. They are always much appreciated.

I answered the first group of them already. You can see that here.

But we have some more to get to today:

Yeah, that would be great. I just don’t think it’s very likely. It’s true that we never really know where players are going to end up getting drafted and sometimes players fall considerably lower than we expect. But those top three picks are all considerably lower than I expect them to go.

There’s an outside chance Pitts could fall to 12 but it’s unlikely. There’s so much buzz around him and some even think he’s the best player in the draft. I get why Farley may fall but 37 seems too low. A few years ago, Sidney Jones fell to 43 from the first round and he had a torn Achilles. While Farley’s back injury is troublesome, it’s not an Achilles. I still think Farley is a first-round pick. And Moore is one of my favorite players in this draft. I don’t get why people are sleeping on him. I guess it’s because he’s undersized but he’s so explosive and I think he’s a second-rounder.

I don’t think this haul would be likely but I like a lot of what you did. You hit plenty of big need areas but didn’t take a lineman until the fourth round and didn’t grab an edge player. I think that’s an underrated position for the Eagles in this draft class.

I think those three are on their own and then there’s a second tier. The guys in that second tier are Kadarius Toney, Rashod Bateman, Terrace Marshall, Elijah Moore and Rondale Moore. If I had to pick the fourth-best receiver, I’d probably go with Toney. He has first-round explosion. Toney isn’t the biggest receiver in this class but he’s big enough and can be a big playmaker in the NFL.

I think it’s a little bit of both. But it’s interesting you bring this up. Because Daniel Jeremiah was on Takeoff with John Clark and basically said the same thing, that the move signaled to him that if it doesn’t go well with Hurts, the Eagles will have some insurance.

That makes sense to me. The simple fact that the Eagles were reportedly interested in Zach Wilson and the other reports that they’ve been keeping an eye on Deshaun Watson and the thoughts about Russell Wilson, that all leads us to believe they’re not 100 percent in on Hurts. And they probably shouldn’t be. I like the idea of giving him a full year to prove himself, though, because we don’t know.

It’s impossible to look at three potential first-rounders next year and not think about the quarterback position. Don’t buy the talk about there not being great QBs in next year’s draft. Guys come from out of nowhere all the time; a year ago, no one thought Wilson would be the second pick in the draft but here we are. If the Eagles go through this season and come to the conclusion that Hurts isn’t their guy, I’d be shocked if they don’t pull off a bold move to get their next QB.

It’s always possible for the Eagles to move up. If a player like Ja’Marr Chase ends up still on the board a few picks before 12, maybe the Eagles do it. But I also think it’s not very likely. Remember, they likely traded down to the No. 12 spot, in part, because they felt comfortable with the level of talent that would be there when they’re on the clock. And just looking at how the board will likely fall, the Eagles can sit at 12 and get a really good player, whether that’s the third-best receiver or one of the top overall defensive players in this class.

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