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Eagles and Nick Sirianni receive high marks in NFLPA report card

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INDIANAPOLIS — Despite an awful end to the 2023 season, the Eagles and head coach Nick Sirianni received high marks in an annual survey conducted by the NFL Players Associated.

Players graded their teams on 11 different categories and the Eagles ranked No. 4 out of 32 teams. And head coach Nick Sirianni received an A from his players.

The Eagles improved from 14th in last year’s report card to be No. 4 in 2024.

Here’s how the Eagles ranked in all 11 categories:

Treatment of families: C (16th)
Food/cafeteria: A (2nd)
Nutritionist/dietician: B (13th)
Locker room: B- (16th)
Training room: B+ (9th)
Training staff: A- (4th)
Weight room: A- (9th)
Strength coaches: A- (6th)
Team travel: C (19th)
Head coach: A (6th)
Ownership: A (7th)

The Eagles worked to improve their team travel this past season and improved from a D (27th) to a C (19th). There’s still more room for improvement but they’re getting there.

The NFLPA added three categories this year: Head coach, ownership and split up the food/cafeteria and nutritionist/dietician. 

According to the NFLPA, the Eagles upgraded their hot and cold tubs from last year after having the smallest in the league.

Here are some specific notes from the report card:

• The Eagles are one of 11 teams that does not provide free, on-site daycare to players' families.

• They ranked 2nd in food taste and 1st in food freshness.

• 83% of players feel like they get an individual food plan.

• Players feel like the locker room needs renovation. But 85% of players feel like the locker room is big enough and 90% feel like they have enough room in their lockers.

• Head trainer Tom Hunkele ranked first in the league. And players feel like the training staff “significantly contributes to their success.”

• 75% of players feel like they have enough personal space on flights (21st).

• 100% of players feel that Sirianni is efficient with their time (1st) and players feel like Sirianni is willing to listen to the locker room (7th).

• Owner Jeffrey Lurie got a rating of 9.4/10 for his willingness to upgrade facilities.

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