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Eagles Q&A: Jack Stoll really, really likes ice cream

In the latest Eagles Q&A, tight end Jack Stoll expresses his love for ice cream.

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Each week during the 2023 season, we’re going through the Eagles media guide to find an interesting nugget.

The Eagles’ PR interns do a great job filling out these little oddities in the media guide and they serve as a good way to meet the players behind the helmets.

This week, we chatted with tight end Jack Stoll, who considers ice cream to be his guilty pleasure.

Me: Your guilty pleasure is ice cream?

Stoll: Oh yeah. I love me some ice cream now.

Me: What’s your favorite flavor or way to have ice cream?

Stoll: You get me cake batter from Cold Stone, that’s a problem. I gotta start working on my kick slide if I have too much of that. That’s it right there.

Me: That’s the one?

Stoll: That’s the one, hands down.

Me: Is that No. 1 by far or is there another one that comes close for you?

Stoll: I think that’s 1. Dairy Queen is all right. I think it’s a little overhyped honestly. If we’re going to with fast food chains, though, you can never go wrong with a Frosty. Frostys are good.

Stoll: (to Dallas Goedert): What other ice creams you think?

Goedert: Ben and Jerry’s, the …

Stoll: Half-baked.

Me: The cookie dough, brownie? 

Goedert: The Jimmy [Fallon].

Stoll: The Jimmy [Fallon], he’s got one of those. I’m not on that.

Note: Ben and Jerry’s has a flavor called The Tonight Dough. It has caramel and chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookie swirls, chocolate chip cookie dough and peanut butter cookie dough.

Stoll: The cake batter from Cold Stone is still it.

Me: So what if there was a Jack Stoll flavor at Ben and Jerry’s?

Stoll: Dude, that’s easy. It’d be cake batter with Oreo. That’s what I’m gonna do. Cake batter with Oreo.

Me: I like that. OK, in front of me, there was a poll last year, the top 10 most popular flavors in the United States. What do you think was No. 1?

Stoll: No. 1? This is everything?

Me: Mmhmm.

Stoll: I feel like vanilla is too obvious …

Me: (Stares at him)

Stoll: Vanilla? Really?

Me: Vanilla No. 1. It's easy answers here. So vanilla No 1.

Stoll: Chocolate No. 2. I’m gonna guess strawberry 3.

Me: Strawberry, 3.

Stoll: This is where it probably gets interesting.

Me: Yeah. 4 I wouldn’t have guessed.

Stoll: Oreo?

Me: Cookies and cream is at 6.

Stoll: Oh! What about mint chocolate chip?

Me: Mint chocolate chip is 5.

Stoll: What about regular chocolate chip? Is that a different one?

Me: That’s not on here.

Stoll: OK, so that’s five. Let me think.

Me: I’ll give you 7 because seven is kind of in that realm. It’s chocolate chip cookie dough.

Stoll: I was going to get cookie dough. So cookie dough is 7.

Me: 4 I think of as, like, an old person ice cream.

Stoll: Butterscotch?

Me: Butter pecan.

Stoll: That’s 4? Yeah, that is not on my list.

Me: Yeah, me neither. So you’ve got 1-7 so far.

Stoll: I’m trying to think of other good flavors.

Me: You’re doing pretty good.

Stoll: Is birthday cake on there?

Me: No. That’s a good guess.

Stoll: No birthday cake? Oh that’s surprising. What about just regular mint?

Me: No. One of them is green.

Stoll: Pistachio?

Me: Pistachio at 10.

Stoll: What about banana … split maybe? You might have to give me this one.

Me: I’ll give you the last two. 8 is Rocky Road.

Stoll: Ohhhh, OK.

Me: And 9 is coffee.

Stoll: I’m not a big coffee guy either. That’s a solid list.

Me: You did good. I appreciate it.

Stoll: Hey, I’ll take it. No problem.

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