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Eagles Q&A: Josh Jobe gets a taste of being a model

In our latest locker room Q&A, Josh Jobe explains his experience of being a model earlier in the week.

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Each week during the 2023 season, we’re going through the Eagles media guide to find an interesting nugget.

The Eagles’ PR interns do a great job filling out these little oddities in the media guide and they serve as a good way to meet the players behind the helmets.

This week, we chatted with cornerback Josh Jobe, who says he wanted to be a model when he was younger. On Monday night, Jobe got his chance to be a model at the Fashion Touchdown event to support Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence.

Me: How did it go?

Jobe: I was kind of nervous the first time. But as soon as I saw the rest of my teammates, (Darius) Slay and JB (James Bradberry) was doing it. I was like, alright, let’s keep it natural. So I just kept it natural and it turned out well.

Me: So you think it went well?

Jobe: Yeah, it went well. It was fun.

Me: What was the hardest part of doing it?

Jobe: OK, you know, you got everybody hovering you and you got one straight lane. You gotta look around. So I had on shades, which I was comfortable with.

Me: That make it easier?

Jobe: That made it easier for me. Because if I didn’t have shades on, like, I would have been so … I don’t even want to do this (laughter).

Me: Who do you think did the best job?

Jobe: Uhhh. I think everybody did a good job. Everybody did a good job. The funniest was Slay, though.

Me: Of course.

Jobe: He’s the funniest guy ever. You gotta love him.

Me: Why do you think modeling was something you thought was cool as a younger kid?

Jobe: I felt like people used to say I have a nice smile and everything and I have the body structure for it. So felt like I should try to be a model and just do it. Plus, I want to work with all the designer clothes, so I want to present those clothes as well.

Me: Do you consider yourself a fashion guy?

Jobe: A little bit here and there.

Me: A little bit? Who do you think are your most fashionable teammates?

Jobe: Fashion? Hmm. Fashion, fashion. JB (James Bradberry).

Me: Yeah, he was one I was thinking. How about DeVonta? I know he gets a lot of credit.

Jobe: Smitty, Jalen (Hurts). I mean, a couple guys.

Me: You think you’ll ever get a chance to do it (model) again?

Jobe: I hope so. I wish.

Me: Did you like it?

Jobe: Yeah, I loved it. I loved it.

Me: Was the even in general just fun to be a part of.

Jobe: Yeah, just meet new people. I’m not like a social guy, so I try to be out there and social with people.

Me: Did it push you out of the comfort zone a little bit?

Jobe: A little bit, yeah. Once I get comfortable with them, yeah. It gets better.

Me: Thanks, man. I appreciate it.

Jobe: Yeah, of course.

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