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Eagles Q&A: The moment that left Terrell Edmunds starstruck in LA

In our first Eagles locker room Q&A of 2023, Terrell Edmunds remembers an encounter that left his starstruck in LA.

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Each week during the 2023 season we’re going through the Eagles media guide to find an interesting nugget.

The Eagles’ PR interns do a great job filling out these little oddities in the media guide and they serve as a good way to meet the players behind the helmets.

This week, we chatted with safety Terrell Edmunds, who said he was once left starstruck seeing Leonardo DiCaprio at a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Me: When was that?

Edmunds: That was, maybe, two years ago. We was at Catch Steak and we was just chilling, me and a couple of my friends. And he was sitting behind us. And I didn’t even notice. He had his hat on or whatever. And then they just told me it was him. I was like, ‘Dang, that’s crazy.’

Me: You didn’t go up to him? Were you tempted to?

Edmunds: Nah, I didn’t say nothing. I just let him chill, let him eat, let him enjoy hisself with his friends.

Me: Are you fan of his?

Edmunds: I am.

Me: Do you have a favorite Leo movie?

Edmunds: Uhhh. Oh man! I know the movie but my mind went blank. What’s the one when he was, when he played the guy from New York, when he was the broker?

Me: Wolf of Wall Street?

Edmunds: Wolf of Wall Street!

Me: OK, so I have the top five grossing Leo movies. I’m going to have you rank them for me, OK?

Edmunds: Awesome.

Me: No. 1, you have Titanic, Inception …

Edmunds: Titanic is good.

Me: … The Revenant, Django Unchained …

Edmunds: The Revenant is good, Django is good.

Me: … and Wolf of Wall Street.

Edmunds: I’m gonna still …ahh, I’m gonna say Titanic one for sure. Wolf of Wall Street two, Revenant, then Django and I don’t know the last one.

Me: Inception?

Edmunds: I didn’t see that one.

Me: It was a trippy movie.

Edmunds: Yeah, I didn’t see that one.

Me: Not going up to him, is that something you’ve gone through as an NFL player? Is that something where you’re more respectful of people’s space, especially when they’re like at a restaurant or something because of your experiences?

Edmunds: I would say so. Just because you never know. He could have been trying to have a chill night. Sometimes people have bad days too. He could have wanted to just go out and eat with his family and go out with his friends and then go home. So I didn’t bother him. But I just thought it was cool though.

Me: Is he the most famous person you think you’ve ever seen out and about? He’s gotta be one of the most famous people in the world.

Edmunds: He’s one of them. But I’ve seen a few famous people. He’s definitely one of them.

Me: Who else is close?

Edmunds: I saw Denzel (Washington). And then just the athletes. I’ve seen LeBron (James). When I was younger I seen (Michael) Jordan.

Me: You see him play?

Edmunds: No.

Me: You would have been a little young.

NOTE: Edmunds was 6 years old when Jordan played his final game in the NBA.

Edmunds: I would have been super young. I just went out there and was having a signing or something. He signed a little sign for me.

Me: Do you still have that?

Edmunds: I don’t. My parents probably have it. It was like a picture of his hand. And when I was growing up, I always wanted my hand to be either his size or my dad’s because they were both huge.

Me: Yeah, I get it. Thanks, man. I appreciate the time.

Edmunds: Of course.

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