Eagles QB Jalen Hurts receives love from songwriter Anita Baker


Star Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts knows a lot about football, but the 24-year-old signal caller also knows a lot about R&B legends. 

After the Eagles’ 25-20 win over the Chicago Bears on Sunday, FOX’s Pam Oliver asked Hurts how he would be celebrating after the team’s hard-fought victory, and Hurts responded in a way many wouldn’t think a 24-year-old would.

“I’ll put my Anita Baker on and take this flight home and try and enjoy it with my teammates,” he said.

Oliver quickly responded to Hurts saying that he might be “too young to know about Anita Baker.”

The clip immediately started making its rounds on social media, and Baker responded to Hurts with a simple message: "CONGRATS!"

Hurts’ answer actually makes perfect sense. The young QB has often said that he has an old soul and he has come to accept it.

“It's fair to say that I'm an old soul,” Hurts said during an interview with Eagles insider Dave Spadaro. “I've gotten that my entire life, whether it be the music I listen to or the way I talk to people or how I carry myself. That's just how God made me. I accept it and I embrace it.

“People always look at me and say, 'What is he thinking? He's so stoic.' I just stay in that mind state and I like being in that place. Rarely do I lose my cool. Ten out of 10 I won't.”

Fans quickly took to social media after the clip and showed Hurts some love for his deep musical knowledge at such a young age.

Hurts had another solid performance on Sunday, going 22-for-37 passing for 315 yards, zero passing touchdowns, two interceptions and three rushing touchdowns while leading his team to its 13th win of the season. 

Now, the Eagles will turn their attention to their Christmas Eve NFC East clash against the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday.

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