Eagles shredding opponents with unprecedented dual-threat offense


You rarely see a passing offense this explosive and productive. The Eagles are only the second team in NFL history with 22 or more touchdown passes, three or fewer interceptions and 68 percent completion percentage 13 games into a season.

And you rarely see a rushing offense this overpowering and consistent. The Eagles are only the fifth team in NFL history – and the first since 1954 – with 27 or more rushing touchdowns and 4.9 yards per carry 13 games into a season. 

What you never see is both. At the same time.

The Eagles have taken offensive balance to spectacular new heights, and with an electrifying, mistake-free passing game and a bulldozing, unstoppable rushing game, they’ve become nearly impossible to stop.

Thirteen games into this thrilling 2022 season, the Eagles are averaging 162 yards per game with 27 touchdowns rushing and 230 passing yards per game with 22 touchdowns passing.

The only other teams in NFL history that can say that are the 1951 Rams and the 1983 Washington football team. But the 1951 Rams had 19 more turnovers than this Eagles team. And the 1983 Washington football team averaged nearly a yard less per carry than this Eagles team.

If you’re looking for an offense this potent both running and throwing, you can’t find one.

They’re deadly at both.

It all starts of course with Jalen Hurts, who has emerged as one of the most dangerous two-way threats in NFL history. Only four other quarterbacks have had one season with 3,000 passing yards and 10 rushing touchdowns in their entire career. Hurts has had two in a row before his 25th birthday. Only Hurts and Lamar Jackson have had a career passer rating of 92 and more than 20 rushing touchdowns before their 25th birthday. Only Hurts has had 10 rushing TDs and a passer rating of 100 in a season. 

But it’s more than just one guy.

This is a rare offensive line that’s equally comfortable pass blocking or run blocking. They’re among the best in the league at both. 

The Eagles might not throw the ball as much as some teams, but they’re the most efficient passing offense in the league with a 108.1 passer rating. And they’re on pace to join the 2016 Patriots as only the second team in NFL history to average a touchdown every 18 pass attempts or more often and an interception every 120 attempts or less often.

Big-time weapons in the passing game? A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith are both on pace for 1,000 yards, and Dallas Goedert – despite missing four straight games – is still second among NFC tight ends in receiving yards. He should be back Sunday for the Bears.

Big-time weapons in the rushing game? Miles Sanders is now just 15 yards behind college teammate Saquon Barkley for the NFC rushing lead. And over the last four weeks, he’s outgained Barkley by more than 200 yards. Sanders is only the 17th player ever with 1,050 yards, a 5.2 average and 11 TDs through 13 games, the second in the NFC since 1978, along with DeAngelo Williams of the Panthers in 2008.

The Eagles have had games this year with 350 rushing yards and games with 350 passing yards, something no NFC team had ever done in a season and only two other teams have done since 1960 – the 1987 Raiders and 2021 Ravens.

And they have a play caller in Shane Steichen who isn’t a pass-first guy or a run-first guy – he’s a guy who attacks in whatever way makes the most sense. You have passing coaches and running coaches, and they stubbornly stick to their philosophy no matter what the defense is good at, regardless of the situation calls for, regardless of what is working.

Steichen keeps it simple. If they can’t stop it, he’ll keep calling it. 

The Eagles on Sunday rushed for four touchdowns, setting a single-season franchise record of 27 along the way. With four games left, they’re on pace for 35, which would be the 3rd-most in NFL history and most in 60 years.

And with two more Hurts TD passes, they now have 22 through 13 games, which puts them on pace for 28. That would be 11th-most in franchise history.

And if you don’t remember the last time a team had 35 TDs rushing and 28 passing in a season, there’s a good reason. It was 72 years ago – the 1948 49ers.

The Eagles passed the Chiefs this weekend to become the highest-scoring team in the NFL at 29.7 points per game. 

They’re No. 3 in yards per pass attempt, No. 5 in rushing yards per attempt and on pace to become only the 16th team in NFL history to average 7.5 yards per pass attempt and 4.9 yards per run.

The Eagles are 12-1 and closing in on the No. 1 seed in the NFC.

And best of all, they’re getting more electrifying, more versatile, more explosive every week.

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