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Ex-Cowboy hilariously explains why he ‘hated' playing for Dallas


The Cowboys are one of the most famous sports teams in America, not because they've been wildly successful or consistent, but largely because they're a well-marketed organization. They love their brand.

As an Eagles fan, there are few things more gross than the Cowboys brand, "America's Team" and all that noise. What a load of garbage.

I have some good news for Eagles fans who don't have a favorite AFC team just yet: it's time to become honorary Las Vegas Raiders fans, because Raiders defensive lineman David Irving just ripped Dallas to shreds.

In an interview with The Athletic's Vic Tafur this week, Irving, who signed a one-year deal with the Raiders after spending 2020 in Las Vegas, re-lived his experience with Cowboys football.

Via ProFootballTalk:

"I hated going to work for the Cowboys," Irving said. "A Cowboy is all ‘hardy har har’ and all this America’s Team stuff."


I'm going to take a little creative liberty and imagine he was talking about Jerry Jones specifically with the "hardy har har" impersonation. Maybe that's just me. (I don't think it is.)

I know it's only Feb. 22, but that's gonna be one of the best quotes you or I read all year long. Unbelievable. 

And Irving didn't just catch Dallas in a bad year: he joined the team in 2015 and spent four years in Dallas, playing in 37 games and racking up 12.5 sacks. He was legitimately part of that team for four years, especially in 2016 and 2017... and he haaaaated it. He almost retired from football at 25 years old! 

Now he's back for a second year with the Raiders. Good for Irving, good for Las Vegas, and lol Dallas.

This is just the best kind of offseason story. Great stuff.

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