Foles' retirement message to Brady is a perfect troll job


Eagles legend and Super Bowl LII MVP Nick Foles won't be remembered as one of the greatest to ever play the quarterback position. He had the hottest run of any mediocre QB in NFL history, and otherwise has been a perfectly average gunslinger across a decade.

But Foles' magical football career will always have a huge role in the story of Tom Brady, the NFL icon who officially announced his retirement from the sport after 22 years of dominance.

Foles defeated Brady in that fateful Super Bowl back in February 2018, and many Eagles fans noted - still note, in fact! - that Brady didn't shake Foles' hand after the game. Many speculated it was because Brady was sour about being beaten by a QB he viewed as clearly inferior, or that he was simply being a sore loser because he doesn't lose very often.

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Whatever the case, it was the first time the two QBs had met and Foles had won. The only other time the two met, this past season, Foles' Bears bested Brady's Bucs. With Brad's retirement, it's official: Foles went 2-0 against the greatest QB of all-time.

And Foles, one of the kindest and most genuine guys in NFL history, took to Twitter late on Tuesday night to wish Brady well in retirement. I legitimately think Foles was just trying to be nice to Brady, someone he obviously has the utmost respect for.

The picture choice, however, makes you think he miiiiight have been going for a little bit of a troll...



Now, it wouldn't surprise me if Foles and Brady have talked about the lack of a post-Super Bowl handshake behind closed doors, especially since it's been brought up by media members in the years since the Super Bowl and Brady has tried to downplay the significance/insignificance/etc. So maybe this is a little inside joke.

And maybe it means nothing at all! It's a pretty clear picture of the two of them shaking hands, two quarterbacks showing respect.


Maybe it's Foles taking a silly little parting shot at Brady on the GOAT's way out the door, just a little reminder of who won the biggest game of Foles' career - and the prevailing storyline of their relationship since that game.

Who's to say? 

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