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Giants' Judge weirdly plays Eagles' fight song at practice


Sometimes NFL head coaches will put together (or rather, they'll have a coach very far down the chain of command put together) a practices playlist of songs themed around the team's next opponent. Chip Kelly loved doing this during his time in charge of the Eagles.

It's kind of fun, and a way to get players' attention ahead of what could otherwise be just another practice.

But on Thursday, Giants head coach Joe Judge lost his mind and did something I've never seen in my life: he played the EAGLES FIGHT SONG at GIANTS practice.

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Here's video evidence of Judge's lunacy:

I am floored. This is so, so weird.

Judge is clearly trying to get his weary, bad, 4-10 football team up for a division game. It also helps that Judge grew up in the Philadelphia area, so he knows the team's fanbase pretty well. I know what he's doing here. I get it.

But this is just the wrong move. This is the song that Eagles fans will be chanting when Darius Slay intercepts Jake Fromm on Sunday, the song they'll be cheering for when Jalen Hurts jukes a Giants defender out of his cleats. Why in the world would you play that for your players during practice?!

It would be kind of sad, if it weren't so hilariously weird.

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And it really highlights the kind of coach that Judge is: the one who goes out of his way to focus on strange, unnecessary things while failing to actually get results from his team. 

Judge is 10-20 through 30 games at the helm of the Football Giants and will likely get fired this offseason, because he seems to be a bad coach. And him playing a rival's fight song at practice just weeks before his probable ouster is just too good.

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