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How Chris Long would solve Eagles' QB conundrum for 2021


With a Carson Wentz still very likely in the coming days or weeks, the Eagles' quarterback room in 2021 will look a lot different than many expected a year ago today.

Could it also include another highly-touted rookie?

If former Eagles defensive end and two-time Super Bowl champion Chris Long had his way, that's exactly what would happen.

Long and ESPN's Bill Barnwell sat down (digitally) on The Green Light podcast on Tuesday to discuss the NFL's numerous storylines, and when they reached the Birds' QB situation, Long had a thought-out plan of attack:

"We mentioned the Eagles, they could draft a QB. In fact, if I'm them, I do trade Carson and draft a QB, and then let Jalen and [the drafted QB] duke it out. That's the way I'd do things if I'm the Eagles.

"Because you've already ruined the relationship with Carson. Carson ruined it, too, by not playing well this year. But you, like - if you're of the school of thought that the Eagles didn't undermine Carson at all, you're wrong, I think. And if you're of the school of thought that Carson should've been untouchable, you're wrong as well. The truth lies somewhere in between there. But the relationship is broken. Get what you can, and get him out the door."

Okay then!

The Eagles taking a quarterback would just be incredible, especially if they did it at No. 6. Some fans would go absolutely ballistic on the front office. Others might like it! Personally, I don't love anyone outside of Trevor Lawrence in this upcoming draft, so riding Jalen Hurts on the cheap rookie contract, adding talent elsewhere, and waiting for a future QB opportunity is what I'd like to do.

But Long's idea is way more interesting, so let's look at that one!

The only guarantee in this April's draft is that the Jaguars will select Trevor Lawrence with the first overall pick. 

Between Jacksonville at No. 1 and the Eagles at No. 6, you have the New York Jets (a team with no great option at QB), the Dolphins (a team with an iffy second-year QB), the Falcons (a team with a good but aging QB), and the Bengals (a team with a good second-year QB). Of those four teams, the Jets, Dolphins, and maybe Falcons could theoretically be threats for quarterbacks - plus there's always a chance another team trades up.

Beyond Lawrence, a few names are considered first-round-worthy quarterbacks or possible fringe guys, with their most recent season of stats included:

Justin Fields, Ohio State: 70.2% completion, 9.3 yards per attempt, 22 TD, 6 INT, 81 rush, 383 yards, 5 rush TD

Zach Wilson, BYU: 73.5% completion, 11.0 yards per attempt, 33 TD, 3 INT, 70 rush, 254 yards, 10 rush TD

Trey Lance, North Dakota State: 66.9% completion, 9.7 yards per attempt, 28 TD, 0 INT, 169 rush, 1,100 yards, 14 rush TD

These guys are considered fringe first-round picks, maybe second-round picks:

Mac Jones, Alabama: 77.4% completion, 11.2 yards per attempt, 41 TD, 4 INT, 35 rush, 14 yards, 1 rush TD

Kyle Trask, Florida: 68.9% completion, 9.8 yards per attempt, 43 TD, 8 INT, 64 rush, 50 yards, 3 rush TD

After the top six, the drop-off is pretty strong, so if the Eagles are eyeing a QB they think could actually be a franchise guy, they're probably focusing on the first two rounds.

Do any of those names pique your interest? As far as the fringe guys, I could maybe come around on Trask if he was available late in the second or early in the third. Alabama quarterbacks do nothing for me. 

And if we're talking about using the No. 6 pick? Fields seems good but I have mechanical questions about his release. I don't care for Wilson. And I need to watch more Lance, but picking another North Dakota State quarterback is going to be a hard sell.

Still, don't rule it out, because the Eagles are pure chaos right now.

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