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A hilarious glimpse of the other side of a Howie Roseman trade

Eagles GM Howie Roseman is known for making trades but a video from the Commanders shows the other side of the phone call.

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Eagles longtime general manager Howie Roseman is known for making trades and thanks to a video from the Washington Commanders, we now know what it’s like to be on the other side of one of those calls.

In a recently released video from the Commanders, there’s footage of their draft room when GM Adam Peters is on the phone with Roseman about a trade in the second round.

At one point, Peters playfully refers to Roseman as a “pain in the a—“ as they haggle over a Day 3 pick.

Eventually, the Eagles pulled off a trade to pick No. 40 to land Cooper DeJean but Roseman really tried to not give up pick No. 161 in the deal. Apparently, he even tried to sneak pick 210 into its place during negotiations.

Peters, a first-time GM, wasn’t having it. Peters held firm and the Eagles still did the deal.

The Eagles gave up picks 50, 53 and 161 for 40, 78 and 152. They made to move to get up 10 spots for DeJean, the versatile defensive back out of Iowa. 

At one point in the clip, you see Commanders head coach Dan Quinn ask Peters about the value of the trade, which is an interesting component. Based on more traditional trade value charts, the Commanders made out really well. But on newer models (and it seems obvious the Eagles are using a newer model) it’s much closer than that.

The Eagles’ trade to 40 was way more palatable than what the Rams gave up to get from 52 to 39 just before them. The Eagles tried to get to 39 but the Rams outbid them, giving up 52, 155 and a 2025 second-rounder. 

The Eagles, based on a clip from their draft room, were willing to offer 50, 53 and 210 for 39, 65, 240. When the Rams traded up, the Eagles thought they lost DeJean but then LA selected DT Braden Fiske.

After that pick was announced, Roseman excitedly got on the phone with Peters to pull off the trade to 40.

By the way, this was just the first of eight trades Roseman pulled off throughout the three days of the 2024 draft. Here’s a complete recap of all his moves:

1. The Eagles traded picks 2-50, 2-53 and 5-161 for 2-40, 3-78 and 5-152. They took DB Cooper DeJean at No. 40.

2. They traded pick 78 to the Houston Texans for 3-86 and 4-123. The Texans took USC safety Calen Bullock.

3. They traded pick 86 to the 49ers for 3-94 and 4-132. The 49ers took Kansas guard Dominick Puni.

4. They traded pick 4-120 to the Dolphins for a 2025 third-round pick. The Dolphins took Tennessee RB Jaylen Wright.

5. They traded 4-123 to the Texans for 4-127 and picked up a 2025 fifth-round pick. The Texans took Ohio State TE Cade Stover.

6. They traded 4-132 and 6-210 to the Lions for 5-165, 6-201 and a 2025 fourth-round pick. The Lions took Utah RB Sione Vaki at 132.

7. They traded picks 5-164 and 6-201 to move up to 5-155 to draft linebacker Jeremiah Trotter Jr. from Clemson.

8. They traded 5-171 to the Jets for 6-185 and 6-190. The Jets took Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis at 171.

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