Jalen Mills made sure Bill Belichick was cool with the Green Goblin


Jalen Mills is leaving Philadelphia for New England.

But he’s bringing the Green Goblin with him.

On Takeoff with John Clark, a new podcast from NBC Sports Philadelphia, Mills confirmed that he’s keeping his green hair even after signing a four-year, $24 million deal to join the Patriots as a free agent.

“Nah, I’m the Green Goblin, man,” Mills told Clark. “That’s in stone. I’m the Green Goblin, still.”

And if you’re wondering whether or not the Patriots and Bill Belichick are on board with Mills’ sporting green hair in New England, Mills already go the go-ahead from his new head coach.

“So I talked to Bill, I met with Bill yesterday,” Mills said. “I also met with Mr. (Bob) Kraft, great guys, great guys, man. They just told me to be myself and that’s why they brought me here. They know what type of player I am. They told me to be myself.”

Mills, 26, arrived in Philadelphia as a seventh-round draft pick back in 2016 and after being a rotational player his rookie season, was a full-time starter the next four years.

And shortly after he arrived in Philly, he dyed his hair that signature green. Heck, even his Twitter handle is @greengoblin.

So why is Mills keeping his hair green?

“I think at this point, it’s to the point to where there are Jalen Mills fans, there are Green Goblin fans out there, to where I had people who were either writing in my comments or trying to reach out in the DMs, different things like that,” Mills said. “And saying they were Philly fans for however long but they were also Jalen Mills and Green Goblin fans. You know, now they’re going to be cheering for me in New England and some even saying that they’re going to convert over to Patriots fans now. I think with that, I have to show that loyalty to those fans who actually sit there and watch me play and come to watch me play.”

Mills said he’ll always have an emotional connection to the city but is looking forward to his next chapter in New England. The whole conversation with him is worth a listen.

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