Jason Peters gives his take on the Carson Wentz trade and more


Until Jason Peters officially becomes a free agent on March 17, he’s still the Eagles’ longest-tenured player. 

Peters, 39, arrived in Philadelphia back in 2009 and has played most of his Hall of Fame-worthy career with the Eagles. 

On Thursday morning, Peters was on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football wearing an Eagles hoodie to talk about his pending free agency, the Carson Wentz trade, Jalen Hurts’ future and the rebuild facing the Eagles franchise.

The crew was able to get his reaction to the Wentz trade last month that shipped the former franchise quarterback to Indianapolis.

“I was surprised but I wasn’t like super surprised because when they benched him and put Jalen (Hurts) in, things went left,” Peters said. “I always encouraged [Wentz] and told him, 'keep working, everything happened for a reason.' Like I said, I wasn’t crazy surprised when it happened, but any team that was going to pick him up, I knew it was going to be Frank Reich because when he was there, Frank had him, you know, running smooth. Super Bowl run, we went and got the trophy. 

“That was my deal on that because Carson is a great player and nothing really went wrong on that. He was just in Philadelphia. It’s a hard city to play for, man. They're critical every play, every inch, every foot, every year. You gotta bring it every year or Philadelphia will eat you up, man.”

Sure, Philly is a hard city to play in, but Peters didn’t necessarily mean that as a bad thing. In fact, later in the interview, Peters acknowledged that the front office is in a rebuild phase right now, saying fans are going to “demand everything out of that franchise.” 

With Wentz gone, the Eagles have a decision to make at the quarterback position. They can either roll with Hurts or draft another quarterback.

Peters was impressed by what he saw from Hurts last season.

What stood out the most?

“His leadership and his swagger,” Peters said of his teammate, who is 17 years younger than him. “He comes to the huddle, he demands your eyes and ears. He’s definitely ahead of his time as far as his leadership and his swagger. He must have got that from Nick Saban and all the coaches up there in Alabama. The guy’s got great confidence and I think he’s going to be on the up and up the next couple years.”

Even though Peters wore an Eagles hoodie from his home in Texas for the virtual interview, it seems unlikely the Eagles bring him back for 2021. Peters admitted as much in an interview with 6ABC earlier this offseason.

On Thursday, Peters said the Eagles are in a “rebuilding phase” and want to get younger.

Getting younger and bringing back a 39-year-old left tackle definitely don’t mesh. But Peters has made it clear he wants to continue his NFL career, so if that happens, it’ll likely be in a new city next year.

“I still got some in the tank,” he said. “And I can definitely show the young guys how to play the game of football.”

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