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Johnson puts possible end date on his NFL career


Since the Eagles drafted him in 2013, Lane Johnson has been a franchise cornerstone. He's started 120 games across his nine-plus year career in Philly and has been one of the best tackles in the NFL for years now.

And while his play hasn't declined - if anything he's playing the best football of his career - it sounds like the 32-year-old has started thinking about when his NFL ride could wind down.

Some quotes Johnson gave at an event during the Eagles' mini-bye following their Thursday Night Football win over Houston have raised eyebrows.

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Both the Philadelphia Inquirer's Josh Tolentino and PhillyVoice's Jimmy Kempski quoted Johnson as saying he's thought about finishing 2022 and then playing "two more" years, which would make the 2024 NFL season his final run through the league if he sticks to that (admittedly not-steadfast) plan.

Johnson went on to elaborate a little bit, via Tolentino's article:

"'To be honest with you,' Johnson said, 'I've thought about playing this year and maybe two more.'

"'A lot of that is because of my [three] kids. I don't want to be away from my kids more than I already am. They're in Oklahoma, I only see them half the year, that's all the time I get to spend with them. That's a drag.'"

Makes perfect sense to me. Plus football players take an absolute beating, particularly offensive linemen - if you're a subscriber to The Athletic you should read this Bo Wulf story about the injuries Jason Kelce endured in just one season - and I'd imagine resting his dang bones would be a welcome reprieve for Johnson.

Still, this is something of interest and intrigue to the Eagles' front office. As Howie Roseman is allocating resources - in terms of draft picks, young players, and cap dollars - he'll probably want to think about what his plan at right tackle is for the 2025 NFL season in case Johnson does indeed hang 'em up. Roseman is always thinking years into the future anyway, so having this kind of information from Johnson will honestly probably be pretty helpful in forming his plans of attack.

It'll be a bummer when Johnson stops playing for the Eagles. He's been an unbelievable player on the field, an extremely entertaining and thoughtful person off the field, and generally has held down a key position for a decade. Also he's a Super Bowl champion.

Make sure you enjoy Johnson's dominant play while it's still happening.

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